Cultural Hermitage Project Our Lady of Piety in Carrión de los Condes (Palencia)

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Exterior de la ermitaIn June 2014, Dr Federico Sheppard and the Bishop of Palencia signed an agreement about the assignment of the use of the hermitage of Our Lady of Piety in favor of the former to develop his cultural project there. Besides the concerts in Music and Art in the Camino – Frómista, Villalcázar, Carrión y Moratinos, Sheppard wants to improve the condition of this hermitage so that it can be used as another suitable place for teaching guitar and offering candlelight concerts.

Depending on the funding of the non-profit CaminoArtes Association, we will proceed with renovation and restoration so that it can be used in our cultural project:

-Promoting classical guitar music and its spiritual values.

-Offering training for students in the summer.

-Creating a musical instrument museum.

-Establishing a workshop for sacred art, and showing new works or restored ones.

-Preparing this space as a welcome center for pilgrims.

Interior de la ermitaThe Hermitage was built in several stages in the 12th and 17th centuries and was restored in 1879, always depending on the nearby Monastery of Clarisas. According to history, several miracles took place within these walls.

In this hermitage we celebrate informal concerts without advance notice so that students, artists and audiences, usually pilgrims or neighbors, can meet and have closer contact. It is also already working as a recording studio and hopefully it will soon become a place where new instruments will be crafted. There is room for 100 people and its acoustics are outstanding, especially for guitar and historical string instruments.

It is also being used as a welcome center for pilgrims, and we hope it will be a center for supporting blind and disabled people on their way to Santiago. It will be developed according to a sustainable model with the necessary protection from Patrimony due to its special location right on the Camino de Santiago.

In order to continue with the renovation work and improvement of facilities in the hermitage we are asking for donations which can be done via transfer or Paypal.