800 Years of Mysteries

800 Years of Mysteries

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At the entrance to Carrion de los Condes, and at the half way point on el Camino between Saint Jean Pied du Port and Santiago de Compostela, this hermitage housed pilgrims who were considered to sick or weak to enter the town. It stands today ready to welcome pilgrims and provide cultural activities unique to el Camino.

Built in the 13th century, added on to in 1625 and renovated in 1879, many mysteries are here to be uncovered. The original floor will be excavated, and the nearby garden studied for archaeological clues to the health and ways of life of the pilgrims of the past 8 centuries. These frescoes were prepared in 1625 and plastered over in 1879. What mysteries are yet to be found?

Architect Gerry Rolfsen's sketch of La Ermita

Architect Gerry Rolfsen’s sketch of La Ermita

A mix of building materials is found here, and the proper restoration will restore the structure for future generations. The use of improper materials in previous works have left the building exposed to damage by humidity.

The CaminoArtes center for the arts will be concert hall, music school and gallery

The CaminoArtes center for the arts will be concert hall, music school and gallery

The acoustics of this small chapel are outstanding, and la Ermita will be fitted as a recording studio, salon for master classes, musical instrument workshop, and lecture hall.

Volunteers are needed to assist the restoration. Benefits include Free housing, 4 classical guitar concerts per week, world class food, and easy access to the Picos Europas National Park. Please write to caminoartes@gmail.com for inquire about residencies.

This project will be funded completely by donations. Needed works include installation of electricity and lighting, toilet facilities, and restoration of the floor and provision of new seating. CaminoArtes is a full registered Spanish charity (CIF #G35159342). Please direct donation requests to CaminoArtes@gmail.com.

Please check this website for updates on the restoration, and our program of free concerts in romanesque churches along el Camino de Santiago.

Thank you!

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