2015 Curso Internacional Guitarra Clasica

The second season of the International Classical Guitar Course begins

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The second season of the International Course of Classical Guitar is being directed by Cuban laureate René Izquierdo, graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Art in Havana, Cuba, and Yale University, USA, and Professor of the University of Milwakee-Wisconsin (USA). It will also have the collaboration of Raphaëlla Smits, a prestigious artist from the Lemmens Institute, Belgium.

segunda-edicion-curso-internacional-guitarra-carrion-de-los-condes-inicioThe course will last six days and will be aimed at a total of 20 international students of all levels of experience, although it is required at least to have studied a year of classical guitar. It will be held in the old offices of the City Hall, the library reading room and the multipurpose room.

Contents include preparation of recitals, practice of technique and interpretation, music theory, arrangements for guitar, maintenance and repair of instruments, among others. In addition, during the course informal concerts will be offered by both the teaching team and the students themselves, and auditions will be conducted on different guitars to show acoustic differences in different woods, strings and models.

The experience not only involves training at the musical level for the students but also at the linguistic and cultural level, since during the course they will immerse themselves in the Castilian language and culture.

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