Year of Faith

The Year of Faith

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2013, or El año de Fe, the “Year of Faith” turned out to be just that. After an exhausting summer in 2012 facing many hardships, our project turned the corner, just as if we had reach O’Cebrerio on el Camino Francaise.

We experienced raging storms and a power outage mid-concert only to have the it finish with candle power and pilgrim iPhones lighting the way. A gracious local government giving us support just when we needed it most.. and a world famous composer writing a two movement work for us.. just us ! A world premier of the work “Recuerdos del Camino” in a thousand year old church, and a capacity crowd of locals to show their support and pride in their community. Brilliant artists, new possibilities, and a surprise for the future? 227 concerts to date, all free to the public, and all for that personal journey that is a Camino. We are worthy of the trust placed in us!

We will be resuming more frequent posts beginning in April, when a new chapter in el Camino de Santiago is being written. A dream… a place of rapture… a place to learn… a piece of history… and new works of sacred art. Come and join us sometime this year. Our season of concerts will run from June-October 1, 2014. Another world premier will be held in the Province of Palencia in late August, and we invite you to attend.


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